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Front Teeth getting Shorter ... read more

A sure sign of a youthful attractive smile is when the front teeth are much longer than wider.  Over time these teeth can wear down and shorten.  That will automatically make someone look older with a less attractive smile.

If you check my smile makeover page,   you will see some incredible transformations.  If you look closely, you can tell that one of the main things I do is to lengthen the front teeth.  I am basically giving back the length they had when they were teenagers.  I often use porcelain veneers.

Teeth shorten very slowly over many years, so if it happened to you, you wouldn't be that aware of it.  But the truth is, if your teeth have shortened, your smile would not be anywhere near as nice as it could be.   I would like to invite you in for a free consultation to see if your teeth have shortened and, if so,  to discuss what can be done to give you a great smile.