Dr. Sriram V. Myneni, DDS
Call: (860) 643-0011

Why I love doing cosmetic dentistry... read more

I love being a dentist; and I especially love doing cosmetic dentistry. In the span of 4 weeks I can create a dazzling smile that can greatly improve a person’s looks, and even improve his or her life.

  I’ve done about 500 smile makeovers, which means about 500 major thank you’s, hugs, and “Wow, I should have done this years ago - I love it!” I think you can understand why I enjoy cosmetic dentistry.

I get to combine my award-winning art background with years of technical dental expertise, and most important--- a tender touch and compassionate care--- to change teeth, smiles, and faces for the better. These patients lives were often changed for the better!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I invite you to check the before and after photos of the cases I have done, and let the photos speak for themselves.  If you have any thoughts about whether you could benefit by cosmetic dentistry, you owe it to yourself to contact me for a free consultation.