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Good news for Bad Breath/Halitosis... read more

We very successfully use oxyfresh products in our practice for long time elimination of mouth odors (halitosis).  Many patients use them and love them.  Most mouth washes do not work, and worse, cause problems.  The problems are because the main ingredient of most mouthwashes is alcohol. They don't work because they have no persistence....which means very quickly they stop working.  The oxyfresh products have  great persistence, working for quite a few hours.  They do this because they actually eliminate many of the actual causes of bad breath---sulfur compunds and bacteria in the mouth.  Eventually these comounds re establish themselves in the mouth, but that's hours later, and then it can be used again.  Hard candies, breath mints, gum, etc can work for a very short time and may cause cavities.  In addition, brushing, flossing, eliminating gum problems, and filling any cavities also need to be done  to maximize fresh breath.  Please contact me for a free consultation.