Dr. Sriram V. Myneni, DDS
Call: (860) 643-0011

No Corporate Dentistry! ... read more

Unfortunately, the latest trend in dentistry is corporate dentistry, often franchises not even owned by dentists, where business and bottom line might be more important than compassion and treatment. Greater Hartford, and especially Manchester,  has many of these.  You may see a different dentist, hygienist, and staff every time you go there. 

Here, I am the only dentist you will see.  You will also see the same smiling, compassionate staff members each time you come in.  Two of them have been with me for 25 years, and another for over 20 years.  You will quickly feel part of our family and be able to relax, realizing you are surrounded by people who truly care about you.

You will be treated the way you know you SHOULD BE treated: with a kind gentle touch, LLC, and high quality dentistry that looks great, feels great, and lasts a long time....all by  a great team dedicated to making each and every visit of as pleasant an experience as possible.