Dr. Sriram V. Myneni, DDS
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Looking for a Dentist near me, in Manchester, CT?  Dentist Near Me. Manchester, CT.

First Relax!

I know how nervous you might feel about the possibility of going to a new office. You wonder: how caring and compassionate are the staff and dentist? How gentle? How good is the quality of the dentistry? Are they trustworthy?

We are Not a Corporate Dentistry Office!

Unfortunately, the latest trend in dentistry is corporate dentistry, often franchises not even owned by dentists, where business and bottom are often more important than treatment and compassionate care. Greater Hartford, and especially Manchester, has many of these.  You may see a different dentist, hygienist, and staff every time you go there.  And the person you might end up talking to the most probably won't be the dentist, but the financial secretary...taking care of business.

Here, I am the only dentist you will see.  You will also see the same smiling, friendly staff members each time you come in. Nancy and Dawn have been with us for a very long time.  You will quickly feel part of our family and be able to relax, realizing you are surrounded by people who truly care about you.

Dentistry that Looks Great, Feels Great, and Lasts!

For years we have been providing our patients quality dentistry that not only looks great, feels great, and lasts, but is done with gentleness and TLC.  Patients feel comfortable and at home in the office.  We earned their trust, and we will earn yours.  We pride ourselves on giving you exactly what you want and need, no more; no less, and at the level of excellence, you deserve!

I want to hear your story...I'm a good listener!

Each patient has a story to tell. Unfortunately, at many offices, they never get to tell that story. Maybe you have a dental experience or concern that is upsetting; or frightening; or embarrassing. Maybe finances are an issue. Maybe your parent lost all his teeth, and you are afraid that this might happen to you?

I invite you to come in for a free consultation.  No obligation.  Meet the staff and see the office.   I’m a good listener, and I’ll let you tell me everything you feel is important for me to know… No rush. I want to get to know you personally, and I want you to get to know us. It's important that we build a relationship of mutual trust and respect.  I will make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed, and I will treat you the way I would want to be treated...  quality dental care with a gentle touch!

- Dr. Sriram V. Myneni