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Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technology at Manchester Dentistry

What is possible from dentistry has been dramatically upgraded. Below, Dr.Myneni features many of these dental care advances.

Whether it is prevention, overall dental health, restoring one tooth, or a complete smile makeover,  Dr. Myneni utilizes many of the new dental technology advancements to improve the comfort and quality of your dental care. 

Says Dr.Myneni:

“The quality of my dentistry is enhanced by the advanced dental technologies I use.  BUT, I will only use it after I am convinced that it is a proven,  totally safe procedure for you and is truly better (not worse) than the traditional approaches.  I will not experiment on you, especially since I have been so successful with traditional dental approaches.  The truth is that a highly skilled, knowledgeable, and caring dentist is much more important than having the flashiest new piece of equipment.  Additionally, too often, flashy new dental technology, or "hot" new procedures,  turn out to produce worse results.” 

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  • Video Dentistry - see teeth magnified 50 times on a television screen. You can fully see and better understand what is going on in your mouth.
  • Video Relaxation Tapes.
  • Minimally Invasive Dentistry – equipment and techniques that allow full dentistry while preserving as much of the original tooth structure as possible.
  • Total Smile Reconstruction - including tooth whitening, cosmetic braces straightening your teeth in just 6 months, invisible fillings, ceramic dentistry, life-like crowns, and tooth reshaping.
  • Advanced Dental Implant and Bridge Systems.
  • Modern sterilization equipment.
  • Innovative Services


Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

While surgical procedures were the common method for soft tissue treatment for decades, scientists and dentists worked together to research an amazing alternative that is less invasive — laser therapy.

Understanding Laser Dentistry

A laser is a small beam of intensely focused light. Laser therapy allows for precise control during soft tissue treatment. In addition, the lasers can perform several functions. In addition to removing tissue, they can also be used to reduce bleeding and swelling, seal blood vessels and seal nerve endings.

Laser Dentistry Benefits

There are many benefits to laser therapy instead of traditional surgical procedures. The diseased areas can be targeted accurately and precisely meaning less unnecessary pain. In fact, the amount of swelling, pain, and bleeding are greatly reduced due to the less invasive nurture of laser therapy. All of these factors result in a shorter healing and recovery time.

Soft Tissue Laser Technology Applications in Dentistry

Following are some of the most common applications for laser applications in dentistry:

  • Soft Tissue Surgery. When done with laser instead of a scalpel, laser technology results in decreased post-operative pain.
  • Periodontal Procedures. Lasers allow dentists to not only gain easier access to deeper calculus deposits, but they help the dentist target only damaged tissue which allows for better healing.
  • Implant Recovery. Because soft-tissue modification around the implant can be done quickly using laser technology, it minimizes the trauma from the procedure if another method were used.
  • Treating Aphthous Ulcers. These are more commonly known as canker sores – and if you’ve had one, you know they can be painful. Now, instead of just using topical treatment, dentists can use lasers to promote quick healing without the use of chemicals.
  • Frenectomy. When a soft tissue laser is used for this procedure, there is often no need for anesthesia. An added bonus? Very little bleeding.

Ready to Learn More About Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry and How it Can Help You?

Still have questions about laser therapy for soft tissue treatment? Feel free to contact and we will be happy to help explain how our laser treatments can help. Make your appointment today!



Dental Imaging Software

We photograph your smile, then Dr. Myneni “does the dentistry” on the computer.  You can see what you could look like with Dr. Myneni’s cosmetic dentistry!
Intraoral Camera

Our intraoral camera uses a tiny fiber-optic wand to easily take vivid photographs of the inside of your mouth. This allows us to let you see what we see.

MicroDentistry/ Minimally Invasive Dentistry

We find decay as early as possible so that treatment can be done with minimal removal of natural tooth structure. Restorations (fillings) are the smallest possible, esthetically pleasing, and long-lasting.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

The cavitron is an ultrasonic scaler. Power scalers do a more thorough job in less time. This results in significantly decreased scaling time and healthier, cleaner teeth and gums. Hand scalers require repetitive scrapping movements and are restricted to adaptation of only one or two sides of the instrument. In comparison, all four sides of a power scaler can be adapted, because the device moves in an elliptical motion. This comes in handy when removing stain and deposits from behind and between the teeth. Ultrasonic scalers are more effective in removing stain as well. The ultrasonic vibration helps control oral bacteria by breaking down the cell wall of the bacteria. The water used to cool the cavitron then helps to rinse away bacteria, stain and debris.

Multimedia Education

Our treatment rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art patient-education DVD systems. If you are uncertain about a particular procedure, we will be happy to play the DVD video segment for you.


New technology in veneer fabrication allows us to perform dazzling smile transformations.

White fillings

Although white fillings have been around for a long time, the new materials can now be used in a wider range of applications allowing you to keep your smile as white and brite as it can be!