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Gum Recession... read more

I see at least 6 patients per day that have gum recession around the teeth, and the exposed necks of the teeth are worn in.  Sometimes these are sensitive, but not always.  This type of tooth wear is difficult to treat and will quickly cause a lot of problems.  The most frequent causes of this problem are:

1.  Aggressive brushing of teeth

2.  Using a medium or stiff toothbrush rather than a soft one.

3.  Grinding or clenching the teeth.

4.  Eating acidic foods and drinks, especially soda, sports drinks, and orange juice

5.  Brushing right after having the acidic foods.

There are new state of the art materials that actually help rebuild the lost tooth structure.  Also, traditional bonding and fillings are often used;  gum treatment  and devices to control grinding, clenching, and bruxism are other ways to treat this.

Overall, this type of wear is very destructive and should be stopped and treated before major destruction occurs.  Please contact me for a free consultation.