Dr. Sriram V. Myneni, DDS
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Some Select Reviews: "Everyone in the office was very kind and were very helpful in making me feel much more comfortable about being at the dentist!" "Dr. Freedman and staff are more like friends since I have been going for many of dental needs over the years. Its very easy to have dental work done when it is a comfort zone rather than a painful zone in order talk, eat and live your life without pain. Thanks again and will seen you when the need arises." –John R. Frechette "Dr. Freedman, you and your staff have always treated me in a professional and respectful manner. More important is that your entire staff cares about the individual patient and everyone always takes the time to be understanding, kind and compassionate. I am especially thankful to you for my makeover that has provided me the ability to talk, smile and laugh without embarrassment." Sincerely, Sam Covino "What's not to like? The positives are all across the spectrum. The receptionists, dental hygienists, and of course the man in charge are professional, friendly and all what you would expect, or at least hope for. The quality of service, the state of the art in technology, and even the artwork and 'decor' of the office makes for a pleasurable and easy experience, and belies the usual popular notion of 'dreading a visit to the dentist'." –Jeff Batter