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Implant Makeovers

Their smile dreams and health goals fit their travel plans... While in Connecticut, they made sure they benefited from Dr. Freedman's dentistry. His recommendation was for smile transforming dental implants. Of course, if you reside closer to Manchester (CT) you can experience the  benefits of Dr. Freedman's implant dentistry with an extra measure of convenience!

Dental implants are a state-of-the-art procedure with superior value.

Joanne stunned her boss and coworkers with her beautiful smile, restored with dental implants and porcelain crowns. The stunning effect continues as she lights up our website and all the lives she touches.

Joanne could jet to Bermuda immediately after Dr. Freedman placed temporary crowns on her dental implants, leaving with a beautiful smile. Even though temporary, these teeth felt, looked, and worked as if natural. The temporaries help us make sure everything is perfect before the final restorations are placed. Her jean jacket photo shows the final results.

  Joanne tells it best: "When I arrived at work today with my hair colored darker and makeup along with my winning smile, the whole office wanted to know who the new girl was sitting at Joanne's desk. My boss was stunned when I told her these were only the temporaries. She said she will have to have hers done."

Joanne Furbert, of Bermuda, saw Dr. Freedman's smile makeovers on the Internet, and flew to CT for a stunning new smile of her own.

Like many of our patients, Joanne wanted the right solution. She traveled from back and forth from Bermuda with that in mind. There was a time and financial investment, as she will attest, but she is now a believer in getting real value from her dental care dollar.

Complete Smile Restoration • Dental Implants Supported

Implants with Bridge that does not come out

This gentleman is traveling to our dental office from Florida for his smile treatment. Whether traveling across town or cross-country, expect the same level of dental care.

While we want to prevent the need for removing every tooth, implant dentistry can give a lifelike smile right back, along with a rock solid  bite. Rather than having a floppy denture, Dr. Freedman was able to create an amazing (lower jaw) smile supported with dental implants.

Shortly, Dr. Freedman will be restoring with his upper teeth as well.

Six gold abutments are placed over the dental implants, which the restorative porcelain bridge is attached to. This dental bridge is exceptionally firm and never slips. The natural look is outstanding too!

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