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Jack's Smile Makeover Story


"I always had a problem with my teeth’s appearance. That problem translated into behavior that I am sure--if you have bad teeth--you identify with. For one, I would always be self-conscious when I would smile. This self-conscious led to behaviors like hiding the teeth by not opening my mouth when I would smile, or just hiding the teeth with my upper lips. This almost becomes a process after a long time where you are consistently operating your smile in a manner to hide your teeth. After progressively getting tired of this laboring to shroud my teeth, I realized that smiling is a natural thing and I didn’t want to labor every time I had to do it. So I looked into solutions, I came upon Dr. Freedman’s dental web site, and was very impressed with the content and quality of his work that was displayed on the web site and the testimonials by his patients. I scheduled and appointment for a consultation. I was walked through the process of getting porcelain veneers and Dr. Freedman explained all of the ins and outs to a detail that I was comfortable with, as I considered this a significant investment. Most importantly it was a medical procedure after all and I wanted to make sure that I was making the right the decision after having all the information. So, I decided to get the smile make over.


The whole process from A-Z was top notch. Dr. Freedman and his staff are great professionals who understand the needs of the patient. I felt that I could ask Dr. Freedman any question regarding any concern or situation I was dealing with in reference to my teeth. As the process usually takes about a month, i.e. the preparation, the temporaries and then the veneers, I thought it was imperative that the Doctor is so accessible. In the end, the whole process thanks to Dr. Freedman and his staff’s excellent work produced a great end result.

The smile make over looks great, I really feel like I can smile naturally. Also it feels really good to get compliments on my teeth. Also the smile make over is helping professionally, my field requires lots of client contact whether it be one to one or group settings, having a great smile really puts me at easy when dealing with clients. Overall, I would say
that the only regret I have is not getting them sooner. I would also like to Thank Dr. Freedman and his staff for delivering a great smile to me. I know this couldn’t be done without the level of experience, technology and professionalism that Dr. Freedman’s practice brings to the patient.

In closing, I remember taking a basic psychology class freshman year in college, and the Professor starting the first class asking the students “What is the one thing that you can do right now that will release serotonin, endorphins, in your brain”, and all the students just sat there staring at each other…. And then finally the Professor said “Smiling!”. Now, I am not sure if this is based in real research but I believe it now.

One Year Update Testimonial

Jack - Very HappyIt has been one year since I received the porcelain veneers from Dr. Freedman's practice. I am very happy to say that the last year has been concern free. The teeth look great and feel natural.

Being in the social work profession, a substantial portion of my time is centered on interacting with clients and colleagues i.e. sessions, lectures, meetings, conferences, etc. I could honestly say that my new teeth have been a tremendous asset in my communication style. I know that sounds almost silly, but having a great smile I think puts others at ease, also the great smile puts me at ease. Previously, my communication style involved a closed mouth smile, which felt unnatural. In turn, I find myself now to be more effective when I speak because I am completely confident in my smile, and do not have to concern myself with the appearance of my teeth.

I think it is also important to make the distinction that the porcelain veneers will not only look good they will look great. I have received many compliments regarding my teeth in the last year. I am not a person to brag or be arrogant but my teeth look awesome, which is a complete 180 from the comments I received prior to the smile make over. In turn, I felt it important to write this second letter because I was immensely satisfied with not only the look and feel of the teeth, but the overall maintenance and concern free experience of the entire process. It was definitely a sound investment, and one I would highly recommend to others, because the service I received from Dr. Freedman was first class.