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Dr. Freedman simplifies his patients' smile makeover decision in many ways. For example, he fully explains on his website his no-surprises smile consultation visit so you can walk in assured, knowing what will happen.

Jonathan Before However, it is Dr. Freedman's patients that most clearly explain how easy their decisions are made. Your dental care should be uncomplicated so you can make the best decisions. By being thorough, Dr. Freedman is able to simplify your dental health and smile makeover decisions.

Jonathan came in for a smile makeover. He wanted the best solution without extravagance. He was most concerned about his two front teeth. They were crooked. There was no reason to do more as far as he could tell. His other teeth looked fine to him.

In his before treatment photo, you can see how Jonathan's two top front teeth pivot slightly inward. Dr. Freedman wanted to make sure he understood what this change might do for his smile. He used computer imaging to show Jonathan the different possible smile changes that could be done.

Dr. Freedman took digital pictures of Jonathan's before smile. Then performed "digital changes" to show what his two esthetically enhanced front teeth could look like.

As you can see in the "two teeth" computer-imaging photos, the change is pleasing. However, it is important to keep the middle teeth the same length as before for proper balance, which makes them noticeably longer than the adjacent teeth. If his middle teeth were any shorter, his smile would nearly disappear under his lips.

What would it look like to go one more step, balancing the front four teeth rather than just the two crooked teeth? It was still Jonathan's choice, but he wanted to be fully informed before proceeding with any treatment. All it required in this case was more computer imaging.

Dr. Freedman's thoroughness means no smile makeover surprises. Jonathan liked the more balanced look of transforming all four teeth. He went ahead with treatment that included four porcelain veneers. See his completed treatment, After photos below.

Jonathan is extremely pleased with the results Dr. Freedman achieved using veneers. He has received lots of compliments about his new smile.

For thoroughness that improves results and makes possible fully informed, confident decisions, contact Dr. Arthur Freedman: Voted a Top General & Cosmetic Dentist by his peers.

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