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Smile Consultation

The four reasons you can be totally confident you will receive the care you want and need.

  1. Our warm and friendly dental teamwill put you at ease by making it a truly pleasant experience.
  2. Just come in and talk…
    • First of all, there is no charge/no fee for your initial smile makeover consultation.
    • It is not our consultation; it is YOUR consultation so there is no pressure on you.
    • You guide us through your goals, explain what you need and want.
    • You decide if we are the right place and this is the right time for you.
    • We will not try to "change" your mind, only present the possibilities.
    • Dr. Freedman: “I am a good listener, and I will encourage you to explain whatever YOU feel is important for me to know. You decide if you feel comfortable with the office, staff, and working with me.”
    • This visit is very flexible: in addition to the no charge consultation, you can schedule other services as well.
  3. You will see and understand what is possible
    • You will see many before and after photos of patients with similar needs and desires as yours.
    • Find out about how the dental care changed their lives.
    • With digital smile imaging, we can take your picture and “do the dentistry on the computer.” Then you can clearly see how you could look if you were to have a new smile!
      This is truly a case in which “a picture is worth a thousand words.”
  4. The financial portion of a smile makeover should make sense to you.
    • When you are ready to proceed, the financial aspects will be fully understood.
    • Smile makeovers are an investment with exceptional benefits.
    • For some, the investment is more than what was expected…
    • Fortunately, we have various options that our patients have appreciated greatly.

By developing an open, honest and trust-based rapport with you, we will be able to achieve your smile makeover goals. You may not be ready or able to proceed, but we are dedicated to providing you the best service possible when you are ready to move forward.

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