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Smile Makeovers - No Surprises

Consultation, Photography, Smile Imaging, Impressions, Wax ups & Temporaries

Dr Freedman lectures and gives courses to other dentists. They are eager to learn his very unique system of smile makeovers that over and over produces an amazing smile transformation.
It's very important that there should be no surprises at the end…only ecstatic patients who are extremely grateful!

Dr Freedman is a perfectionist. He takes many extra steps to insure outstanding results. He says that these extra steps make the difference between doing A+ work instead of C- work.

The following are his unique steps for great makeovers:

  1. You let us know what you want, what your expectations are, and whatever else you feel we need to know.
    Find out more about a smile makeover consultation.
  2. We show you before and after photos of patients similar to you, giving you an idea of what to expect from a smile makeover.
  3. We do digital smile imaging:
    • We photograph your  smile
    • Dr. Freedman then "does the dentistry" on the computer
    (See example below of before, imaging, and after)
  4. You see "your digital new smile" and decide how we should proceed.
  5. We discuss fees, and financing is arranged if needed.
  6. Impressions of your teeth are taken.
  7. On the plaster models of your teeth we realign your teeth to the proposed new smile. We thoroughly analyze the exact dentistry needed to achieve the goal.
  8. If everything looks good, we make precision guides so that Dr Freedman has a precise planning system for creating your smile makeover…no guessing, no "eye balling."
    A beautiful outcome requires perfect planning and precision at this time. Dr Freedman includes these extra steps because he and you want your smile to be absolutely PERFECT at completion! No Surprises
  9. Temporary restorations are created by the lab...
    • Temporaries are very close to actual final restorations
    • You can now see in your mouth the exact shapes that your final crowns or laminates will look like.
  10. Dr. Freedman, the dental assistant, and you determine if the temporaries look, feel and function the way you want.
  11. Then Dr. Freedman makes any needed changes to achieve the smile makeover you want. Basically, you get a complete preview in your mouth of the final crowns or laminates…no surprises at the end!
  12. Photographs and a new impression (with the temporaries in place) are also taken again.
  13. Now the lab has the perfect blueprint to complete your smile makeover so Dr. Freedman can restore your smile, and you get the confident, great looking, no worry smile you want.

Take the next step, schedule a smile makeover consult: Email or Call 860-643-0011.

"I NEVER expected my teeth would look and feel this great!
My friends can't believe how nice my new smile is."

Before Imaging After